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  • Whatishealthy.info is an open-source forum and database of scientifically-supported, unbiased articles discussing a variety of topics related to health and well-being. We are passionate about educating the public on the science behind the latest health fads, and revealing the truth about the foods and products we encounter in everyday life. We are passionate about properly equipping you to take charge of your health by keeping you up to date with the latest research and regulations so that you can make informed choices about your lifestyle and the products you use. 

    Here at whatishealthy.info we feature scientific and fact based news, personal testimonies and reliable, up-to-date practical information regarding health improvement, illness prevention, environment protection and the harmful pollutants and toxins that can be found in everyday consumer products. 

    Our articles are written by our core team of science writers, as well as knowledgeable public members, and are all moderated and verified before publication to assess validity, objectivity and interest to the public. One of our greatest assets is our community, who get involved in forum discussions and debates on a variety of topics. By building a community of individuals who are knowledgeable, passionate and interested in educating the public on known health risks and the best, most effective ways to stay healthy, we are all contributing to the collective health of our generation and generations to come. 

    Whatishealthy.info is supported by the Organics Council®, an organisation dedicated to informing and educating the public about all food and nonfood product safety issues and their potential health impacts. The Organics Council® is the first private global initiative to introduce more stringent consumer safety regulations worldwide than those adopted by national governments, setting a gold standard when it comes to protecting the public and the environment. Most of the commonly used consumer products available today can, alarmingly, contain substances displaying mutagenic, carcinogenic, neurotoxic and other effects. Under government regulations, these substances are permitted for inclusion in products as long as they are used at concentrations below regulatory limits. But these limits are often not enough to keep us safe and healthy. The Organics Council® aims to certify products that are free of toxic substances, highlighting the products that are the safest choice to use, and arming you with the information you need for the healthiest lifestyle.