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  • As a self-funding initiative in the public interest, we need your support. Every single pound contributes to our ongoing ability to keep you in-the-know with the latest research and regulations so that you can make informed choices about your lifestyle and the products you use.


    Extra Votes

    As a reward for supporting us and our commitment to impartiality, we give you ten extra votes for every £5 donated: 5 extra Health Campaign votes and 5 extra Article Topic votes. These votes give you a voice, allowing you to determine our future focus, for both our published articles and our health campaigns. We give you the power to actually make a positive legacy, to humankind and to the planet.


    Early Bird Access

    Furthermore, by donating just £5, you get early bird access to our articles for one month. This means you can read our newest articles, that contain our groundbreaking findings, 6 months before they are released for general access. And by donating more, you can get this exclusive access extended. Every £5 donated gains you an extra month of early bird access.


    We accept donations via fully secured payment systems Paypal and Transferwise. Our email address for donations is donate@organicscouncil.org. Upon the Donation checkout on our website you will be directed to Paypal payment platform.

    When you make a donation you can choose whether you would like to be added to our Public Donor list, as a recognition for your positive legacy, showing your photo/avatar, name and country.


    What can your donations do?

    • If everyone visiting this website gave just £1: we could reach additional 10 people with our health education campaigns.

    • If everyone visiting this website gave just £2: we could ensure that the website is updated, moderated and reviewed for a whole year.

    • If everyone visiting this website gave just £3: we could further ensure at least 1 new article gets published every week for a whole year.

    • If everyone visiting this website gave £15: our public education campaigns would be fully funded for a whole year.

    To see how we put your donations to good use, see our annual donation reports starting from 2018.