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    What is whatishealthy.info about?

    Whatishealthy.info is an open-source database of articles about healthy lifestyles, new trends in fitness and nutrition, and most importantly, the safety of food and non-food consumer goods.

    The world around us, what we eat and the products we use, all have a massive impact on our lives and our health. We uncover the facts about consumer health and safety, providing reliable, up-to-date information that provides the scientific truth behind food and product safety, effective exercise and the harmful toxins that are hiding in many popular consumer products. We also report the latest updates in international regulations and statistics, highlighting where current regulations are failing to fully protect us.

    This website is created not only to provide you with the facts you need making healthier lifestyle choices, but to also provide a platform for public members to discuss and share their concerns about health and safety matters, such as the safety of foods and consumer products and matters affecting environmental sustainability.


    What is the purpose of whatishealthy.info?

    It is difficult to be truly happy with life when you aren’t healthy. For this reason we have created whatishealthy.info as a global platform for sharing knowledge relating to health, safety and sustainability. By publishing unbiased, scientifically-backed articles that provide information relating to consumer health in an accessible format we believe we are equipping the public with the knowledge they need to make healthy choices. We also provide a forum for you to share your concerns, whether it be environment toxicity or a consumer goods safety issue, ask a question and our superb community will provide helpful and, most importantly, scientifically proven feedback.


    Who started whatishealthy.info?

    We are the international group of scientists and active lifestyle devotees. Our aim is to share the latest expert knowledge and opinion on a wide range of consumer health and safety issues to equip people with the knowledge to make the healthiest choices possible.


    How do I use the website and forum?

    The website and forum are available online. To simply view articles there is no requirement to sign up, however if you wish to participate in forum discussions or to use the search function you will need to register with us. Registration is free and only takes a minute or so.


    What is early bird access?

    Early bird access means our newest, cutting-edge articles are available for you to view 6 months before their general release. This exclusive access means you can access our most up-to-date research, meaning you can always keep yourself, your loved ones, and the planet healthy and safe. For more information, or to make a donation see our Donate page.


    How do I get early bird access?

    You can get exclusive early bird access by donating for an entire month by donating just £5 to our cause. You can increase the length of time you have this amazing feature for by increasing your donation. For more information, or to make a donation see our Donate page.


    What are the benefits of donating?

    You donation gives you the peace of mind in knowing that you are helping to educate others and to properly regulate the safety of our food and our consumer products, as well as protecting the planet. Public support ensures our independence from industry and thus our true impartiality. Even better than that, you also gain 1 extra vote to choose future Article Topics and 1 extra vote to choose future Health Campaigns for every £1 donated. And for just £5, you get early bird access to our articles for one whole month, meaning you can read our newest articles 6 months before their general release. For more information, or to make a donation see our Donate page.


    How is my personal information treated?

    We don’t use your private data for anything else other than to improve our services to you and we never pass any information about you to third parties for marketing or other purposes.


    How can I disable email notifications?

    In “My Account” select “Email Notification Preferences”. You may then select which notifications you want to receive to your email.


    How do I edit the data input at registration? Is it possible to change the nickname, password and email?

    Yes, you may edit your data in your “My Account” page once logged in.

    May I sign up via a social network account?

    Yes, but you will first need to verify your mobile number.


    Where may I find the forum rules?

    You can find the forum rules in the Terms and Conditions.


    I can’t write on the forum. Why?

    In order to comment on a forum thread you need to be a registered member and logged into your account. If the problem still persists please notify us via our contact form.


    I commented on a thread, but I cannot see it?

    All content passes through our proprietary filtering and ’antispam’ system and occasionally needs human verification before uploading. It may therefore take up to 24hrs for your comment or post to go live.


    I contributed a post/submitted an article but I cannot see it?

    All content passes through our proprietary filtering and ‘antispam’ system, as well as being reviewed for compliance to our writing guidelines. Should we require changes to your article we will contact you via email. This review may take up to 72hrs. If you have not heard from us within this time and your article/post is still not live, please notify us via our contact form.


    Can I edit my uploaded posts or articles?

    Posts and articles can be edited for a limited time (1 hour) after publication or the previous edit. In exceptional circumstances you may l ask our admin team to extend the editing time for an additional 1 hour period via this link [special email link for editing request only]


    Can I change my votes for campaigns or article topics?

    Unfortunately votes cannot be changed once cast.


    Does the forum support HTML BB code?

    Yes, it does.


    Can I attach a file/image/video to my post?

    You may attach media content if it is under 5MB in size. There is a special form to allow you to do this when you submit your content.


    How can I contact website administrator?

    To contact the administrator please send us a message via our contact form.


    How do I report a violation of the forum rules?

    Please report rule violations via icon 'Report post' or via our contact form, choosing subject 'Copyright & User Violations'

    How do I add an avatar?

    Go to account preferences. Please be aware that your avatar should conform to the user Terms and Conditions.


    Why I can not vote for Articles or Health Campaigns?

    Only the logged in users are able to cast votes.


    How do I get votes to vote for articles and health campaigns?

    When you are signed up to our website as a member, you will be allocated one free vote for article and one free vote for health campaign voting on weekly basis. Should you prefer to get more votes, you may get them by donating, see Donation page.