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Having a nutritional, well-balanced and healthy diet is perhaps the most important factor for keeping our bodies functioning well. In addition to eating a healthy diet, nutritional and herbal supplements are a great way to ‘top-up’ essential nutrients that our bodies are missing. But sometimes foods and supplements aren’t as healthy as we might think, with some even containing hidden hazards.

Read here all our tips for the healthiest diet possible, what foods to limit or avoid, and the science behind nutritional supplements - are they really worth a try?

When we think about harmful substances that we may be exposing ourselves to, we usually think about the food and drink we consume, and the air we breathe. But in reality we come into contact with thousands of substances every day, and many of them from the non-food products we use and handle as part of day-to-day life.

Find out here about the potential impact on your health and well-being of numerous non-food products, including: cutlery, pottery, food packaging, furniture, mouthpieces, medical equipment & consumables, children toys, clothes and textiles, household consumables, cookware, personal hygiene and beauty products, and even building materials.

Maintaining our health and well-being with medicine is not just important to us personally, it is also a multi-billion dollar industry. We use medications to cure almost any ailment and our dependence on pharmaceuticals is growing. But is this a good thing? While there are undoubtedly an incredible number of revolutionary medicines available today, there are also numerous problems endemic to a society so dependent on modern medicine. From children taking anti-anxiety medication to widespread antibiotic resistance, is there a better way?

For many ailments and sicknesses there are also highly effective traditional and natural treatments available, from treating the common cold to natural anti-viral medications. These traditional medicines work in tandem with our bodies own healing mechanisms to help us get better the natural way. Discover the science behind these traditional medicines, and which remedies are to be trusted here.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important in our modern world of busy lifestyles, where we spend so much time sitting at desks or staring at a computer. It is essential to keep active but what are the best ways to stay healthy? Follow discussions on issues such as whether running and cycling in the cities is as healthy as you may think, and read our advice on the best proven ways to stay active and keep your body functioning to its best.

Our knowledge regarding the best ways to stay healthy is constantly evolving, and with new discoveries comes new statutory guidance and official recommendations. Here you will find all the latest news and changes in international health statistics or regulations, and discover where  national regulations fall short of fully protecting us.

Is there emerging information that particularly concerns you? Or do you have information on changes in consumer safety regulations that you think everyone should be aware of or even alarmed to? Do your bit and let everybody know.

The treatment of medical ailments doesn’t just involve tablets and creams; it often includes the use of numerous medical and safety products. From dialysis equipment and catheters to medical dressings and supports, there are countless medical products available today. But are these products as safe as we are led to believe? And what are the safest, most-effective ways to use them? Here we discuss some of the current issues surrounding medical products and their safety.

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