• How your votes choose a Health Campaign


    Every community member is allocated 1 free vote each week (unused votes roll over to the next week) to be used to vote for your prefered future health campaign. Your available number of votes is displayed in the top right corner of the screen after you log in. If there is an issue that is deeply important to you, you can also increase your number of votes by donating to our worthy cause, and you will at once receive early bird access to our newest articles too. Please refer to our Donate page for more information

    Proposed health campaign ideas stay open for voting for 6 months. We then tally the health campaign votes at the end of every quarter (January-March, April-June, July-September and October-December), with the winning health campaign going live in the following quarter, and campaign results displayed online the quarter after that. For example the campaign with the most votes during January-March will be put into action during April-June and the results will be displayed in 3 months from July.

    Should your proposed health campaign remain unelected in its first quarter, it will automatically be included in the next quarter’s voting. All unelected campaign proposals will keep rolling over into the following voting quarter, before eventually being removed from the proposed list.

    To maximise the chances of your health campaign being voted for, why not accompany your campaign proposal with complementary media, photos, videos or data graphs.