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  1. Hi like-minded, If you are interested in uncovering the truth behind the product packaging safety concerns of our favourite food brands, please support my proposed campaign. There are many substances that are not yet recognized or adequately risk assessed by the national regulators in terms of the food contact materials. Producers can use various substances with no limits based on self-control with no explicit bans on substances, although it may turn out to be toxic and migrate into your food. Let's test them and show to the world what the food packaging is made of. I believe such examination will influence manufacturers and will make them more responsible for their products. It is not just BPA, BPA has got many nasty brothers such as BPS, BPB and else, and there phtalates and nonylphenols and loads and loads more.
  2. Smoked food: how is it made and how can it cause cancer?

    So many things around us are connected with cancer... It's even hard to remember what you should avoid. Hope scientists will be able to cure this terrible illness.
  3. Health benefits and risks of processed supermarket milk

    Homogenisation and pasteurisation are only a part of "improvements" made to raw milk. Did you know that cows are treated in such a way that they produce much more milk than they would in natural conditions? It makes them less healthy and farmers feed their cows with antibiotics, which apperently will get into milk. Beside that, milk may contain many additives, such as vitamins, sweeteners and preservatives. Homogenisation and pasteurisation are the most inoffensive.
  4. Gain weight by going 'diet'

    jimmysarka, unfortunately we are too far from such changes. So many discussions on aspartame and other stuff, and nothing is done.
  5. The risks and benefits of eating farmed vs. wild salmon

    Another way is to freeze fish to 4 degrees below zero for a week.