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  1. What is cholesterol?

    Is it possible that cholesterol causes cold hands and feet? You know, there are people who always have cold limbs and can't warm them up anyhow. I thought cholesterol is linked only to increased risk of heart attacks, though it looks like it is much more. 
  2. Aspartame: a daily toxin

    Holes in the brains... It's interesting, how much aspartame one should eat to gain holes in ones brain. Or it makes holes just in mice?
  3. Artificial sweeteners: low in calories, high in harm

    "It has also been suggested that artificial sweeteners may actually increase the risk of becoming obese, and may be associated with type 2 diabetes when consumed regularly over a long period." Is it true? It sounds like a joke. You eat this artificial sweetener and then you've got diabetes, and then doctors cure you with artificial sweetener. It sounds ridiculous! I hope that I just miss something, because it's too ludicrous to be true.