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  1. Can crisps and French fries cause cancer?

    That sounds not less dangerous on acrylamides if you still them. I would never opt for such meal loaded with chemicals, I prefer to eat just boiled or baked potato with no chemicals, maybe just a bit of salt   though, I know potato cooked boiled will not have the taste that everyone craves for
  2. Gain weight by going 'diet'

    It's about my mother. She used to be obsessed with idea of losing weight and always drank those 'diet' drinks. Finally, after she understood that she cannot loose weight with any media proclaimed means, she went to the doctor. He explained to her that 'diet' drinks are not the best way to slim and prescribed her healthy and balanced diet, including fruits and vegetables, honey instead of sugar or sweeteners and that did the trick  , she started slowly but steadily loosing, around 2-3kg per week and healthily slimming in my eyes