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  1. Hm... BPA was considered safe and then, as I understand, suddenly scientists discovered toxic health effect of BPA and the long story had started. I wonder how many more substances in plastic potentially can be found dangerous? Why people always do everything not timely? It would be much wiser to check all substances before mixing them into materials for food containers. 
  2. Chewing gum: hidden harms

    I was a chewing gum fan when I was a child, and I think it really turned into digestive problems for me. I had had an abdominal pain for a week, then my mum and doctor said no more gums. Sure, I wasn't happy with it, but it did the trick and pain was gonee, seems like it worked.
  3. Health benefits and risks of processed supermarket milk

    What a strange paradox about bacteria? Didn't hear it before. Anyway, my parents used to drink raw milk without doubts, because they bought it from their acquaintance and were confident in the product. But I'm not accustomed to raw milk and think that it's risky. Even if you confident in the seller, you cannot be confident in product. There are too many uncontrollable factors, which may cause infection in the cow and as a result infect the milk, and poorly checked for hygiene seller may not be aware about infection before someone gets sick.