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  1. Meat the menace: hormone dysfunction and cancer

    That's interesting, never heard about something like this before. Reducing amount of consumed meat seems to be the best option, but reducing the cooking time is a bit dangerous - there can be parasites left in not fully cooked meat, so it should be heated properly
  2. GM foods could infiltrate your blood stream

    So what? What are the consequences of DNA in blood? What is this discovery supposed to mean? It doesn't mean anything. If you eat potato with gene from scorpion, you won't become scorpion or potato or anything else I bet, though any practical conclusions would have helped me a lot more.
  3. Aspartame: a daily toxin

    The trick of aspartame is that the more you eat/drink it, the more you want. Everyone knows the state when you are thirsty and drink a diet cola, but it cannot satisfy you, you need more and more. Rather sooner than later the diet soda drinker will drink themselves to death.
  4. Picture is also good, as it is representative of possible consequences of excessive consumption of fluorine.