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  1. Recently I came across strange article claiming that some unsaturated fatty acids are not beneficial and even dangerous to human, especially it relates to omega-3 fatty acids. I firstly thought that article was written just to attract attention, and there is not a word of truth, just stupid fabrication. But then I found another similar article in a science journal by chance, though I am no scientist and just having browsed the net. So I wonder if this is a myth or a true fact?
  2. Artificial sweeteners: low in calories, high in harm

    Aspartame is also linked to anxiety and depression, there are a lot of articles about that. Aspartame contains phenylalanine which being consumed in too big amounts can reduce the level of happiness hormone - serotonin. And I suppose there are even worse things linked to aspartame
  3. elwyn35, this investigation make sense, as it's the statistically proved correlation. And the fact that participants were Italians doesn't mean correlation may be linked to the nationality, because italian football players were compared to general population of Italy.