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  1. Why don't you provide figures? How much vitamin should one eat to exceed the recommended amount? What is the recommended amount? I see the references, but it takes a lot of time to find something in the source. That would be great if these figures were included into the article, it is certainly relevant and important info. 
  2. Campaign Summary: The organic food sold in non-organic, not fully proven to be safe and natural and sustainable, food packaging may be not so healthy as we are assured. Buying organic we want to save our health and reduce the detrimental effects of toxic chemicals used in conventional industrial farming. It does not make sense if we eat organic meat stuffed with toxins migrating from the packaging. It is of critical importance to sell organic food in fully safe packaging. Public definitely would like to know which organic producers take care of their packaging as well as of food.
  3. Comepletely agree that everyone involved in a big sport should be aware about this disease, especially first symptoms. I believe every disease can be cured when it is diagnosed on early stages. BTW, is general popultion in the risk group too?
  4. And what people should do now? Stop doing sports? Nope. No one would refuse from sports due to possibility of ASL, especially when no likelihood is provided. What is the percentage - 1%? 5%? I think it's too low to be mentioned in the article, isn't it?
  5. Just silly people trust manufacturers claims about health effects of dietary supplements.