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  1. Clothes: dying to be fashionable?

    What is so dangerous about silver nanoparticles? I considered them as something good, I heard they are sanitizers, and they are even appear in some deodorants/antiperspirants. If it is dangerous when released from clothes, what we are exposed to when spraying them directly on skin...
  2. Artificial sweeteners: low in calories, high in harm

    Can't believe that organisations such as FDA and EFSA, who are actualy responsible for our health, put at risk human health so easily. And what for? For money! This world is screwed up!
  3. Gain weight by going 'diet'

    So we should avoid diet beverages as well as sugar-sweetened drinks, right? But we still are surrounded by all types of such drinks conceivable, it's almost imposible to stop drinking them. Government should take actions and restrict amount of unhealthy beverages on the supermaket shelves. And should facilitate sale of healthy drinks. By the way, is juice healthy?