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  1. Campaign Summary: I am a keen fan of smoked food, but I also want to lead a healthy lifestyle. I learnt all smoked food is a health hazard and am curious to learn if it is possible to find healthy and smoked food products at all? Does the smoked and hazard free food producer exists?
  2. Recently I discovered that almost all processed meat products contain phosphates in them, to make them look more red and juicy. I tried to look for the info about phosphates in meat, but there are so many articles, some saying that it is dangerous, some that it is ok. It is really hard to understand what it really is. I like the articles on this website, they are concise and seem to be unbiased. Would you be so kind and write an article on phosphates in meat? I hope community will support my proposal with votes, this is a question concerning everyone who likes meat.
  3. Hm... I was reading the article and one thought jumped to my mind. Generally talking, BBQ is a cooking method used from the very beginning of human civilization. Primitive people cooked meat on fire and charcoal, and as I understand the same human toxic exposure procesess were taking place. The question is, did primitive people suffer from cancer too? If yes, why didn't mankind develop immunity to cancer, there was plenty of time to develop it.