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  1. Fish is rich in beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, though while cooking under high temperatures we may destroy any benefit of fish. But different cooking methods affect fish differently. Surprisingly, I read that frying reduces amount of heavy metals better than any other cooking method. Is it true? If so, should we opt for fried fish or still it is better to avoid it as any other fried food? 
  2. Fruits and vegetables: the holy grail of health?

    What? 'natural' pests are ok? But 'natural' doesn't mean non-hazardous at all! There are a lot of poisons in nature. "The dose makes the poison" and there is no difference if substance is natural or synthetic. In the perfect world each chemical used on farmlands must be safety approved, there must be clear evidences of its harmlessness, even if it is natural. I'm sure there are a loads of 'natural' substances which are toxic but  still allowed to use as no one much cares today especially with so much synthetic poison used in fields as well as inhouse.
  3. Artificial sweeteners: low in calories, high in harm

    gespalding, that is true, it's extremely difficult to avoid sweeteners, but it's possible. At least we can cut its amount as much as possible. And we should do it. If producers don't care about customers health, we must look after ourselves.