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  1. Sugar, worse than we thought

    Sugar addiction is the problem of 21st century. People consume more and more sugar and get obesity, diabetes and other illnesses. Let's have a comprehensive review of this problem on the whatishealthy, though still in layman terms. It is important that people understand from what products we get  the biggest doses of sugar, what foods should be cut down to most. And what are the health consequences of sugar over-consumption, i.e. what else health problems one can develop except for obesity and diabetes
  2. Health benefits and risks of processed supermarket milk

    Supermarker milk is definitely better! Every time I drink raw milk I have indigestion, hate it!
  3. Gain weight by going 'diet'

    I drink sweet beverages constantly, sometimes I drink diet, sometimes no, but I've never felt any changes in my organism. My weight is stable and I have no problems with sugar in my blood. Personally I've never seen a person whose overweight symptom is linked to sweeteners. In my view (based on my own experience, on people I know), overweight is an inherited gene problem.