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  1. Campaign Summary: Please investigate a) whether the public has any right to know at least something what details are secrecy law protected behind terms Perfume/Aroma/Fragrance and b) what major brands hide behind them from us, i.e. while all of them are mostly synthetic and causing the allergies at least.
  2. Although dietary supplements are not medicines, they still can have side effects based on volume consumed, thus you get warning about how much you can take of them daily, but I found the labels differing on given RDI. I wonder if there is any requirement of safety testing the dietary supplements before they end up on a supermarket shelf, please research and enlighten us.
  3. Completely agree, dietary supplements are so popular today, but people do not know how to use them correctly. Often, products labels and instruction does not contain enough information. Example with medications and herbal teas is extremely demonstrative. Our goverments definitely should pay more attention to this question. Although I'm not an expert, I think all dietary supplements should be regulated as medications.