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  1. Nowadays, diets are changing towards healthy eating. Most diets are focused on removing certain products from diet (e.g. not to eat cookies or lardon), now we rather want to know what is better to add to out diet so that to maintain healthy balance of vitamins, minerals and calories. What are other scientific trends in diets today and why people keep changing their attitude to and inventing new diets on and on? 
  2. Gain weight by going 'diet'

    Counting calories helps as well as burning them in the gym. But diet drinks lost its sense long ago for me, science facts speak for themselves. I've heard this news a year or two ago, but world does not change that fast, money and media rules - diet drinks are still on the supermarket shelves and it means there is a demand for it.
  3. Globalisation: a consumer health hazard?

    Thank you for such a good article. It's another side of globalization which deserves attention.