• Become a Public Ambassador

    Our whatishealthy.info forums are supported and moderated by a dedicated team of Organics Council® scientists, but we encourage participation in discussion by anyone who is interested in information regarding healthy lifestyles. You do not need to be a scientist to contribute to the future good of the public and the planet. By taking an active role, you can keep discussions flowing by commenting, voting and creating new forum threads. We therefore look forward to receiving your assistance in developing and expanding hot topics in public health, and in the process you truly are leaving your positive legacy for generations to come.

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  • Public Ambassador elections

    As a form of recognition for those who actively participate in discussions and whose comments and posts receive the highest feedback from community members for providing interesting and original content, we have introduced a “Public Ambassador” position (please see our full Terms and Conditions). This title is a way to distinguish those individuals who contribute the most to our activities, and to thank them for their exceptional work. Once appointed, our Public Ambassadors are invited to remain permanent moderators, subject to the website terms.

    These public ambassadors are appointed by way of nomination. Every year on Dec 10th our Organics Council® science board will identify three of the most active and dedicated public members of the whatishealthy.info forums and give them recognition by inviting them to become a  Public Ambassador, who will then be  invited to join the Organics Council® on a voluntary basis, as part of the Organics Council® External Audit Committee. The main selection criterion is the annual quantity of posts, weighted by the number of positive feedbacks (upvotes) over negative from other forum participants. A summary of this information is released each year on Dec 15th within the Public Ambassadors page of our website.

    They will then have a chance to work within the Organics Council® External Audit Committee alongside the Organics Council® Science Advisory Board towards public health protection improvements by providing unbiased opinion and summaries of the latest scientific evidence on various topics.