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    As an educational and social public program, we need your support.  The support we receive will be used to educate individuals and to drive health campaigns for changes in trade practises, national policies and regulations, as well as to maintain the website. Your support helps us to maintain our high standards of impartiality, transparency and sustainability to give you a strong public voice. 

    For us to remain impartial and transparent we must remain independent from the influences of government and industry. The public’s interest is our top and only priority, and we refuse to receive funding from industry, who may taint our impartial approach. We therefore rely on the public as our primary source of funding. Without your support we simply cannot continue our tireless work to bring you the truth. Funding from industry and even governments comes with unfortunate strings attached. Strings we refuse to tie ourselves to.

    We would rather fade into obscurity than compromise our impartiality and receive corporate funding, although we know this would be a sad loss in the fight for consumer safety and for protection of the planet.

    For more information regarding our funding sources and our independence from industry, please see our Impartiality Policy (Clause 13 within the whatishealthy.info T&Cs). You can also view our annual reports to see what difference your donations have made in previous years  - please see our annual reports here.

    By supporting us, you gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are helping to protect your health, your loved ones’ health, and the planet’s health. But more than that, donation also comes with some enticing whatishealthy,info rewards, including:

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    We are always pleased to find people who share our thoughts and are keen to help educate others about healthy living. If you want to help spread the word, why not organise an Organics Council® “What Is Healthy” workshop at your school or workplace. We will do our best to support you by advertising your event and providing educational materials. Contact us today to find out more.


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