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  1. Do you like to do exercises in the outside as I do, for example jogging along the cannal on early mornings? I do, but is it indeed good to our health if we are exercising in a city? I am a keen runner and used to run in the big city where I lived and air was badly polluted from cars and plants. I had never noticed any harm to my health until two years ago I moved to a small town with clean air. After several weeks of morning sports there I noticed that I can run longer distances and breath easier, also my skin began to look nicer. I think it is a result of breathing a cleaner air whilst living in a suburb.  It would be highly interesting to know if there are any research studies proving my experience and might even say it is better to stay put rather than downbeat your health by exercising on the dirty air city streets. I would like this article to tell if the city outdoors sports may still be more beneficial on the balance than staying put.