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[WINNER-Jan-2018] Stop a product from being called organic when its packaging is landfilling the Earth


Campaign Summary: Organic food is made without addition of some food additives which may increase its shelf life and thus organic food is likely to spoil quickly. It is a common picture in the UK supermarkets more food by day turns up in the plastic packaging and even veg and fruits are plastic wrapped and still with eye-catching word "Organic".

But are they worthy to be called 'organic' if packed in toxic to human plastic which also accumulates in landfills and oceans?

Say No to this.

Organic shall imply not only 'safe for human' but also 'safe for the environment'. We are responsible for the planet we live on and we should take care of it better. Therefore, I propose to survey organic food packaging recyclability in order to identify the most irresponsible organics producers and expose those impostors where their packaging is land-filling the Earth, caring for human but ignoring the nature, and still calling their goods organic. 

I have seen most of Soil Association https://www.soilassociation.org/ certified organic food packaged in non sustainable and landfilling plastic packaging which is a big shame to be called organic if you are killing a planet.


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Congratulations on having selected with the help of your votes our first ever social campaign. 
This campaign is now in the preparation stage till Feb 28th 2018.
This campaign research results will be posted live by Mar 31st 2018. 

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