[Winner on Aug 5 2018] Science proves “Leaky Gut” can cause autism (ASD)

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Autism today is one of the most discussed neurobehavioral disorders. Its causes are unclear, but scientists found out some factors that may lead to the ASD, among them is gut microbiome. There are evidences that abnormalities in microbial gut environment can lead to the development of neurobehavioral diseases such as autism. I would like to ask whatishealthy.info writers to explain this link, e.g. if it relates to an ASD affected child's microbiome only, or to gut of the mother that carry the fetus as well? And one more question, is it possible to change gut microbiome somehow in order to soften ASD symptoms?


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This article is now in the preparation stage till Aug 19th 2018.
This article will be researched and published on or around Aug 19tn 2018.

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