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Personal care product ingredient toxicity and legality


Campaign Summary: Internet is full of information about toxic substances that may be found in personal care and cosmetics, but I have heard nothing of any product ever banned from the market. Many substances that have been approved years ago today are banned, but there might still be many products with the banned substances today as there is no law to remove the many years ago made products, despite proven toxic by today'ss standards. Regulatory bodies often come to conclusion that a particular substance is not studied sufficiently to conclude about its safety. Is this a decent method of safety control or just a way to fool the public? What are the opinions of whatishealthy.info scientists on the long lists of personal care and cosmetics ingredients that are discussed as dangerous by public, but allowed by regulations? Some examples are: Acrylates, benzophenone, formaldehyde and so on.

Please screen the personal care goods for toxic substances (in your opinion) and advise if there are any that include banned (by law) ingredients.


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