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  • Volunteer Public Member

    We are always looking for the like-minded, passionate individuals who are keen to make a positive impact on educating and protecting present and future generations. There are numerous ways that you can volunteer; by actively contributing to our forums, by submitting articles or by helping us with our health education campaigns by conducting surveys etc. By volunteering you can help us in our mission of public health education and safety standard reform.

    For those qualified individuals who are exceptionally committed to our mission and actively contribute to our whatishealthy.info articles and forums, there may be the opportunity to gain a paid position, either with the Organics Council® or whatisheatlhy.info. If you are interested in joining us, please sign up for Community Membership and speak to us.

  • Volunteer Scientist

    Are you a scientist who is passionate about the health, safety and sustainability of humans and of the environment? Then join our community of like-minded individuals and start making a real difference with real results. You can also upload your resume or C.V. and scientific credentials and opt into being a publicly-visible member, demonstrating your skills, expertise and dedication to furthering knowledge. 

    By conducting desk- or lab-based research and submitting your results, your contributions help to educate the public about potential hazards to their health and the protection of our planet. In addition you will also be demonstrating to others your commitment to science, health and education by being credited with all of your published articles. Unlike other open source publication sources, we do not charge publications fees, which makes it easier and more achievable to get your scientific message heard, keeping the public informed about the latest scientific thinking.

  • Public Donor

    We wouldn’t be able to carry out our worthwhile work without the generous support of the general public. Together we really can make a difference, today and tomorrow, for the public and the planet. You too can help make this difference, by donating to the public and planet cause. And you don’t just get the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping to build a healthier, safer future - you also get a range of rewards as a thank you for your support. For more information, or to make a donation, go to page Donate . Here are our amazing supporters, who have helped us so far:

    Public Donors List

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